Questions we hear often at BUDS-CREW.

Buds-Crew Society Rewards





At Buds-Crew, we believe in transparency and giving our customers an excellent experience.

We understand you may have questions about our business, cannabis products, loyalty programs, and reward points – so we created a place for you to find this general information fast.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, we invite you to give us a call or stop by one of our four recreational dispensaries in Southern California and consult with one of our knowledgeable cannabis experts.


How many points do I have?

Once you make your first purchase and every purchase following you you are able to view your rewards point balance in your EMAIL.

Do the products I can redeem with my rewards change?

Yes, that’s one of the rewards of being part of the Haven Society. You are not limited to one product selection. These products change every week to 2 weeks. 

Do my points expire?

Points do expire if you have not made a purchase within 365 days.


Does the driver carry change?

For their safety the driver does carry a very limited amount of change, some small bill change, but no coins. It is best to ensure that you have near exact change for the delivery driver.

Do you drivers wear uniforms?

Your driver will be wearing a black polo shirt and khaki pants. They will also be super awesome and polite!

Will someone notify me when my product will be delivered?

Absolutely, you can expect to get up to two text messages, one while they are in transit and the other when the driver arrives at the delivery location.

How will I know it is my driver?

The driver will text you as they arrive at the delivery location

Are your cars marked?

No. We offer discrete delivery. Our cars have no markings or indication that we are a cannabis company.

Do you accommodate special request(eg lets meet outside)?
Yes, our dispatcher will work with you to meet any special requests for delivery to make it more convenient or discreet for you.


Do you carry half ounces?

We carry flower in a variety of sizes including 1g, ⅛ oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, and up to 1 full ounce.

Do you carry $5 pre-rolls?

No, we are working on that.

What is your strongest Indica?

We have a large selection of indica flower to choose from, with various brands and strengths.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

BUDS-Crew proudly offers a 30 day exchange or return policy. We will return or exchange unopened or defective product only when accompanied by the original receipt. Returns or exchanges will only be accepted at the location in which it was purchased.