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Buy Melonade strain – Rappers Melunade strain – Melonade weed strain

Melonade  weed strain gets its mouth-watering terpene profile from crossing Watermelon Zkittles with Lemon Tree. It scent isn’t as pungent as either of its two parents, which can be helpful for anyone looking for a strain with a more subtle scent. This Strain is a cross of Lemonade and Watermelon Zkittles, bred by Dying Breed Seeds from MendocinoCalifornia.The high tends to be euphoric and cerebral, making Melonade a great choice for anyone looking for an energizing afternoon treat.

Appearance of Melonad – Aroma of Melonatte – buy melonade weed strain online

The flower comes in a little bag along with a rad little ‘Melonade’ sticker label and you can see the trichomes stuck on the inner side of the bag which is always a good start! Unlike most Sativa-dominant flowers, these buds are short and stout, almost shaped like spades.

They are an incredibly bright shade of neon green that is sure to standout in the garden or even on the shelf in the dispensary. Five minutes in and you starting to feel a numbness and tingle to your forehead and around the jaw. The high starts off pretty euphoric and then gently spreads to the arms along with a kind of lightness that reminds you of being injected with an anaesthetic! 

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